my video-tastic-times! part TWO….yeoww!

Never to shy away from a challenge i was only to happy to get on with it, with the help of a few friends and my mum!

We spent days on this!! i reckon each crane took about 5-8 mins to complete! I decided to use magazines so that each one was completely different and it also meant that mum got to get rid of her old garden and interior home magazines in a more productive way than simply binning them. (thanks mama)

Last Wednesday night i counted the box of cranes to discover 210!! just enough! and spent all day Thursday getting them ready for location. Paul wanted 5 cranes on a meter length of string! This meant 40 strings needed to be made up! Putting them on the strings was know where near as tricky as making the cranes in the first place! They looked so pretty! I was getting really excited about it all and on Friday headed to the location, which was a very special place, for many reasons but one of the reasons was its age! The location was a house build in the 17th century and it truly was a walk into the past as parts of the house where so old. I loved it being a history geek and couldn’t help but let my mind run wild when stumbling upon some really old furniture and nic-naks. We set up the courtyard of the house with the cranes and it started to look just as Paul had imagined. I was singing among a world of paper cranes, and occasionally it was as though they wanted to take flight when the wind blew through.

Wednesday was spent getting 90% of the shots and then the final day of the shoot the following Wednesday seen the final wee touches added, with a very special appearance from an Irish show-band legend and my inspiration my grand father fergie o hagan. Although granda isn’t with us anymore the song was written for him I felt his presence should be included.

I cant wait for you all to see it, and shortly you will be able to. Keep a check on the Facebook Page to get updates and find out how you could be part of my very first music video! A major thank you to Paul McParland for working with me on this and making such a beautiful concept come to life!

N xxx

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