HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR (in a thick Brooklyn accent)


here's to 2012


another year has gone and done it. what a year it was. for me, i don’t know how im going to top it. 2012 has its work cut out for team NOH i tell ya.

i just wanted to wish everyone of you loyal subscribers a very very happy new year and the best of luck with everything you wish to do, and may you be fulfilled and happy in whatever it is you get up to.

please keep in touch, spread the word and continue to support my musical adventure, it would mean very little if i didn’t have someone to share it with.

Thank you. T, M, L, O, A, G, C, A, C, G, T, J, F, L, A, D, E, N, L, W, T, J, L, D, B, S, L, J, L, G, R, L, D, J, G, E, Z, D, D, A, R, D, E, M, J, J, D, D, Z, M, S.  I have endeavored to wish you all a happy new year hope you find your initial, if not, i am sorry some emails are riddles, let me know you will not be left out if i can help it!

peace and much love,

N xxx

come over to the official NOH facebook page and click ‘like’ to keep super up to date this year CLICK ME

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