Dear YOU

Welcome to the blog.

i just wanted to say hello to all the new members of the blog. i decided to get myself a wee clip board and print off my own mailing list sheets and physically get the wonderful people at the gigs to sign up. facebook and the like are fantastic but the old school methods sometimes work the best.

i really appreciate your support and i am aware of every single one of you and i really like that i know who Im communicating with.

last night i played a really intimate chilled out gig at In the Shade Studios. If the O Hagans get together in one house the guitar usually comes out and im normally asked to sing a song. Its always nice as your family always make you feel very welcome. I got the same feeling last night at In the Shade. John Giffin and his daughter Courtney are both really talented musicians and together run gigs at their recording studio in Markethill. I had a blast playing the show, thanks to the Giffin’s and everyone who came, hope to see you again. Some footage from this show will be out soon.

In the mean time  have a look  this video of the a song I wrote a few weeks ago. This was taken from a show at the Black Box.

N xxx

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