so you guys!! i have to say this weekend i played the gig of my career (thus far)! however, let me let you in on the events leading up to this momentous occasion in the NOH adventure!

picture by: Tony Webster, Bigbad Llama

last week i began the task of booking up a few dates in December for a tour i intend on commencing.  my life is music, my passions however revolve around board sports. i snowboard, i skate and i surf. now i am by no means worth watching at any of thee aforementioned activities, but i do them because i love to, and frankly thats all that matters, right?

i have decided that i would like to connect with the very people i gravate to, and in a selfish sort of way i want to make this musical adventure of mine as much fun as possible at all times. so i am going to be playing some ‘in store shows’ at a few surf and skate shops in the north of ireland. the board shop tour will commence in december so watch this space for details.

picture by: Tony Webster, Bigbad Llama

one of the surf shops i contacted was the very well known ‘Troggs’ surf shop in Portrush. i have been visiting the store for many years now. a typical visit goes something like this … go in fall in love with everything in there, and walk out with some new wax as once again i have left mine in craigavon!

i called Troggs last week to inquire about a gig. i got speaking to Andy (the owner, and one hell of a lovely man), who went on to offer me the best gig i have ever played! on the phone he listens to me telling him who i am (probably in a manner spoken so fast and with some much enthusiasm its barely understandable) and asks a few questions, the first being “are you any good” to which i reply “you will have to be the judge”!  Andy offered me a chance to play a very exclusive set at the NI screening of a snowboard movie called the Art Of Flight. Now folks… this movie is truly amazing! i know you don’t have to be a snowboarding to appreciate this, even my mum has been telling her friends how good it was.

picture by: Andy Hill, Troggs

so in essence (and make a note, this my perfect gig), i got to play my music, at an event ran by a surf company who were showing a snowboard movie that was created by and for my favorite things, in a beautiful theatre in portrush that was packed with passionate people, people like me, who loved the whole experience! I mean i was in HEAVEN.

picture by: Andy Hill, Troggs

i also got to meet one of the UKs top female snowboarders miss Aimee Fuller! this lady can shred!

aimee fuller, andy (troggs) hill, NOH

so yeah, saturday night was EPIC and then sunday was amazing as it was my most awesome mums birthday. so we ate cake and made her feel very special! which frankly shouldn’t be a once a year thing, my mum is the greatest. more cake and love in abundance from now on! i love you mama

mum and mini noh '86'


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