i like to go out where my feet can’t touch the bottom

Ha, I had an entire piece all typed up there and i don’t know what i hit but it decided to delete all my chat and send yal the picture instead… so here it goes again.

have you seen this somewhere before...

The last blog was all about last saturday being my most busy in ages… however i think this saturday could be up there. i must say though i am never happier than when im busy with the things i love. being completely consumed in my music and all the fun things i get to do through it is a great way to live i think. this saturday seen the beginning of me filming a short movie with will mcconnel the brainchild of Bandwidth Films.

this movie is going to give you and anyone else who fancies a look an idea about who i am and how that affects my music and in turn shapes my life. we began shooting on saturday as i said and decided to play some of my newest tracks in some of my favorite places. a few very different places seen me and the band play some tunes. it was really fun. also made a few new fans. a couple having some food in a particularly cool restaurant (my favorite in NI) where enjoying the music so much they approached me to ask when my next gig was! i was only too happy to tell them that my next gig was taking place that night in the black boxs little brother the green room cafe! gareth and rachel my newest ears said they where going to go along and as i looked up from a sound check that night there they where!! AWESOME folks indeed!

zach and me at the green room

the green room cafe had to take the title as the most fun gig to date! loved it. such a cool place, packed house, everyone listening, getting involved and more than happy to have an NOH sticker at the end! it was one of those hour long sets which meant a few choice covers, some of which where decided by twitter follows a few weeks ago! im not a massive fan of covers but when i have to i do like to give them a little twist which keeps it fun. rolling in the deep by adele went down really well, i was so pleased. We give it a bit of a sinister feel which people seemed to really dig! YEOW.

Sunday was meant to be day two of filming but the rainy weather put a hold on things. Next day there’s a break in the storms its the north coast for some skating! cant wait!

new gig to be announced very soon.

n xxx

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