ohhhh my oh my…

I had thee busiest saturday ever i think, well in a long time anyways. i played 3 sets in three rather cool locations. first up was Starbucks Coffee house in my local shopping centre, Rushmere. I remember being in New York and applying for a Starbucks gig to be told that the waiting list was 4 months long… WHAT. I only had 90 days! so when i approached the staff at Starbucks Craigavon i was thinking to myself at least my ViSA wont run out here…As it turns out they don’t get too many requests and where only to happy to have me come in and play. I was very excited and loved watching the look on peoples faces when they figured out where the live music was coming from! I had a blast. I wanted to stay all day but after an hour I called it a day and enjoyed a wee carmel macchiato on the house, YUMMY!

After a few photos with the staff and NOH stickerage around the place i headed straight for set number 2 at Mahvash Interiors Open day. This is a lady who has some of the most beautiful furniture and works out of a log cabin nestled beside Lough Neagh! its picture perfect and when she asked me to play for her open day i was only too happy. I set myself up among my favorite pieces and pretending i was playing in my future living room! i would love to live in a log cabin!

Then it was a few hours break before set number 3. Number 3 was going to be my most exciting as it was a house party! I had been asked to play it a number of weeks back and loved the idea so said why not! Lots of happy people only too willing to listen and show their appreciation. I loved it! It certainly wont be my last house party thats for sure! Got a few clips from that and a rather funny group effort on a cover that always goes down well… watch this space.

More pictures and videos will be popping up in the coming weeks! I got me a sweet little tripod for my iphone so now im recording everything and anything..!

Also last week was my 25th, eek, to lighten the mood i had a big party where we got really, really mucky quad biking!! UNREAL!

see you real soon.

n xxx

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